Maris is highly committed to protecting the environment, in a perspective of social responsibility and safety: sustainable fashion means also using machines and processes aimed at ensuring energy savings and reducing harmful emissions, while being versatile and safe at the same time.

Maris adopts specific measures in this regard, paying special attention to production processes and environmental choices: CO2 savings, purchase of energy from renewable sources, separate waste disposal. Health and safety at work are the keywords, together with great attention to the ethical and social aspects to ensure greater respect for workers and for our planet.

An integrated business management system Quality — Environment — Safety — Social Responsibility combines all these points to provide high performance products while reducing environmental impact of operations.

Green Policy
Green Policy

No Oil Nylon

Initiative created in context with “Asse I”
in order to “Reinforce research, development and innovation”
Mission 1b.1 “Increasing innovation in companies”
Action I.1:B.1.2 “Supporting the economic optimization by using innovative solutions in the processes, the products and the organization, as well as financing the industrialization of the research findings.”

Project Description: Noylon aims at creating, prototyping and industrializing the hosiery industry of the first polyamide spun, which is 100% bio-based from vegetals, not related to nutrition and renewable..

Green Policy
See the ISO 14001 - 2015 certificate issued by Bureau Veritas